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War Of Thunder Gameplay Epic WWII Vehicular Battles

War Of Thunder Gameplay is one of the best free cross-platform MMO military video games. It offers vehicular gameplay and is based on the World War II theme. Players have a variety of vehicles and fighting modes to choose from. War Thunder is available on a wide range of gaming platforms like Windows, Linux, and War Thunder Mac.

War Thunder

It is also available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, and War Thunder Xbox Series. It is set in the early 20th century and features modern fighting units. You can join now and take part in big battles on land, air, and sea. Fight with millions of players worldwide in an always-changing place.

War Thunder Gameplay

War Thunder features over 2000 vehicles and various game modes to choose from. Vehicles in War Thunder range from retro 20th-century World War II planes, attack War Thunder helicopters, fleets, and ships to more modern cutting-edge war technology. War Thunder gives the player the ability to choose from hundreds of vehicles each with different perks.

War Thunder lets you choose between three distinct categories of vehicles; Aviation (aircraft), grounded vehicles, and fleet (watercraft). Vehicles are further divided by respective countries, ranks, and model types. The game features many historical vehicle models.


The game features several nations, including at least a list of Planes, and a list of tanks to play as. Each nation has its own unique vehicles (Except China), and they all are played differently, even if some are similar in design.

The game is immersive and engaging. It, however, features a steep learning gameplay curve where a player has to learn using vehicles, adapting effective strategies to defend against enemies, playing on various maps and terrines, and multiple game modes.

Despite the steep learning curve, the gameplay is immersive and realistic. The level of realism in war thunder is, sometimes, astounding. There are no made-up vehicles, stats, or perks. The statics like firepower, armor, and firepower are similar to their real-world counterparts.

The immersive gameplay includes social elements of an MMO like friends and chat. In Games Like War Thunder, you come face to face with various interesting scenarios. You shoot at your pursuers from the turret of a bomber. You protect your comrades on the ground with anti-aircraft guns.

You shoot down enemy planes while firing from rocket launchers. Or, you sink a battleship. Shoot down enemy planes with torpedoes, from a fast attack ship.


Is War Thunder Crossplay Down? How to Check War Thunder Dev Server Status?

News: We have scheduled server maintenance for July 25 at 05:00 GMT. During this time, the servers will be inaccessible. We expect about 2 hours of downtime. We tell players to plan their gaming activities.

What Is The Best Way To Record War Of Thunder GamePlay?

If you want to record the War Of Thunder Gameplay, it is best to use two programs: Powder and Gazum. Advanced software is powder. It uses AI to capture the key moments of battle. This lets you focus on playing.

If you want to edit your War Thunder clip, Gazoom is better. It supports video effects, color filters, adding text or GIFs, and more. The program captures clips and saves them to your cloud storage for easy access.

How To Record War Thunder Gameplay On XBOX?

To record War Of Thunder gameplay on your Xbox, press the Share button in the middle of the controller. Press it again to stop recording.

How To Record War Of Thunder Gameplay On PlayStation?


Press the capture button above the arrows. This starts recording War Thunder Gameplay on your PlayStation. To stop recording Press it two times.

BONUS: War Thunder Replays

Did you know that you can watch your old War Thunder games? You can do it without any third-party software. Every time you complete a game, War Thunder saves it to the cloud so you can play it again.

These are not replay videos. You must play them in the game. But, they are recreations of each game. Players can re-watch them to refine their strategies.

To watch replays of War Thunder, click on Community in the main menu and select Replays. There you will find a list of your previous games.

For more articles on War Thunder, check out our guides on server locations and how to put the game in full screen.

User Reports

User reports have indicated no issues with War Thunder in the last 24 hours. As per user feedback, there were no major crashes or interruptions in the game.

Analysis of Problem Reports

We analyzed problem reports from the past 24 hours. We found no big increase. Minor glitches may occur. They happen throughout the day. But, the game runs without any major crashes.

Reported Problems

Most War Thunder reports are about server and login problems. Sometimes, they cover gameplay issues. Currently, there are no big issues. They don’t affect the game’s use or function.

War Thunder – Troubleshooting Steps

To fix issues accessing the War Thunder website, follow the steps. Force a full refresh, clear cache and cookies, fix DNS issues, and use alternative DNS.

War Thunder Wiki

War Thunder is a popular free-to-play multiplayer combat video. It is on many platforms. These include Microsoft Windows, War Thunder Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, and virtual reality.


Q: Is War Thunder currently encountering server issues?

War Thunder may be unavailable due to technical issues on their servers.

Q: What is the estimated downtime for War Thunder?

The anticipated downtime for War Thunder is just about 2 hours.

Q: When will the game servers be down?

The game servers will undergo maintenance at 05:00 GMT on the 25th of July.

Final Words:

War Thunder features vehicular gameplay that is both accurate and realistic. The gameplay is engaging and addicting. You would want to get the next vehicle in the line-up or one after that leading to a long cycle of goals that take days, months, or even years to complete.

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