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Honkai Star Rail – How to Make Best Luka Teams



Luka Honkai Star Rail is a constructed four-star physical structure. It’s located on the Honkai Star Rail builds on the way to Nihility. This is a tutorial on how to develop your character in the game. Honkai Star Rail’s captivating graphics have won the hearts of players worldwide. Its addictive story and entertaining gameplay have also been a hit.

There is one bright spot in the diverse group of eidolons: Luca. This article will examine Luca’s interesting abilities. It will also examine the best light cone and relic selections. Finally, it will assemble the ideal team. We also answer common questions related to Honkai Star Reels. We cover topics like blood, leeks, and the mysterious Silver Wolf.

The following sections cover the Luca guide. It includes the best beams comfort teens, and other information.


  • Luka’s Skills
  • Luka Eidolons
  • Luka Cones Light
  • Luka Relic
  • Team Comp Luka

Luka Honkai Star Rail Abilities


Basic Attack: Direct Punch: Deals a single enemy Physical DMG equal to 50% of Luka’s ATK.

  • Sky Shatter Fist is a basic attack that uses two stacks of Fighting Will. First, use Direct Hit three times on the enemy target. Each hit deals physical damage equal to 10% of Lucas’s ATK. Rising then attacks the enemy target with an Uppercut. This causes Physical damage to the target equal to 40% of Lucas’s ATK.
  • Break Fist: Deals Physical damage equal to 60% of Lucas’s ATK to targeted enemies. Additionally, the target has a 100% chance of bleeding for up to three turns. While bleeding, the opponent receives 24% of their HP as physical damage over time (DOT) at the start of each turn. The DOT can deal with at most 130% of Lucas’s ATK.
  • Ultimate – Coup de Grace: Gains two stacks of Will to Fight. It also gives a base a 100% chance to deal 12% increased damage to the target enemy for three turns. Shortly afterward, the target takes Physical damage equal to 198% of Lucas’s ATK.
  • Talent: Sparks: Luca gains 1 stack of Will to Fight after using his base ATK or ability, up to a maximum of 4 stacks. You can perform Sky-Shattering Fist when you have two or more stacks of Battle Will. Use your upgraded base ATK. The Rising Uppercut immediately deals 1x bleeding damage to a bleeding opponent. Or it deals 68% of their improved base attack. At the beginning of the fight, Luca has a build-up of will to fight.

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of these skills and learn how to get the most out of them.

Luka Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

  • Stage 1 – Endless Battle: Luca deals 15% more damage twice when attacking a bleeding enemy.
  • At Stage 2 – Gain one or more combat stacks each time a skill deals physical damage to an enemy. They are weak, and I am strong.
  • Stage 3: Convinced by the Ring: Skill level +2, with the most level of 15. Talent level +2, with the largest level of 15.
  • Stage 4: Speed ​​is the key to victory: ATK increases by 5% for each stack of Battle Will, up to most of the four stacks.
  • Wildfire Spirit, Stage 5: Final level +2, up to the greatest of level 15. Base ATK level +1, capped at level 10.
  • At Stage 6, A Champion’s Clap triggers the Blade status during the current Advanced Base ATK. Each direct hit triggers the Blade status. It immediately deals 1x DMG equal to the base DMG. When Rising Uppercut’s improved base ATK attacks, it increases by 8%. The enemy’s target becomes bleeding.

The add-ons you mentioned are necessary to enhance Luca’s abilities. Luca performs best in battle when he understands how his Adelons work together. Discover the unique characteristics and abilities of Lucas’ Eidolons. See how their skills work together to create a powerful team dynamic.

Best Light Cone for Honkai Star Rail Luka


Selecting the ideal light cone for Luca is important. It maximizes its benefits and overcomes potential disadvantages. Luca thought that [name of the light cone] was a good choice because it provided [benefits]. Discover the intricacies of this ray of light. Learn how it elevates Luka Honkai Star Rail gameplay to unprecedented levels.

Best Relic for Luka Honkai Star Rail

Since Luka Honkai Star Rail is a physical character, he is the ideal relic to choose a street boxing champion. The bonuses set for this set of relics are as follows:

1: Piece bonus: 10% increase in physical damage

2: Fragment Bonus: Increases the user’s ATK by 5% for the duration of the battle after an attack or hit. This effect increases five times.

Best flat ornament set for Luca in Pangalactic Trading Company Honkai Star Rail. This set improves the user’s ATK and increases the hit rate.

Artifacts are necessary to determine the effectiveness of the eidolon. Luca thought that [relic name] was the best choice because it provided [benefit]. Check out how this relic works. Find out how it combines with Luca’s abilities to become a formidable weapon.

Best Team Comp for Luka Honkai Star Rail


Building the perfect team is an art and Luca works best with coworkers who get along well. Find the right partner to compensate for Luca’s weaknesses. Enhance his strengths. Make him an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Find out how Luca and the other Eidolons work together. They form a unified team that can overcome obstacles.


Q1: What are the recommended builds for Honkai Star Rail?

Ans: The honky-tonk Star Rail and Topaz Honkai Star Rail skins have several skin options. These are becoming common. To improve your game, experiment with different building strategies. For example, try building the powerful Topaz.

Q2: Are there any leaks about upcoming content in Honkai Star Rail?

Ans: Keep checking back for the latest Honkai Star Rail leaks and updates. Leaks may reveal interesting ideas for new content. Always verify information from reliable sources to ensure accuracy.

Q3: Tell me more about Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail.

Ans: A mysterious character from Honkai Star Reel. We have not yet discovered the secrets of the Silver Wolf. Discover the character of the Silver Wolf  Honkai Star Rail and the mystery of Argentina in the game.


To master Luca’s abilities in Honkai Star Rails. you need to understand his abilities, signals, rays, relics, and team structure. Lok Tejasvi is a tower of power. Mastering characters like Construct, Lex, and Silver Wolf will help players navigate. The ever-expanding universe of Honkai Star Rails. As the game progresses, they will do so with confidence and skill.

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  1. Does Luka have a baby?

    Luka Doncic is a dad! The NBA star, 24, and fiancée Anamaria Goltes, 25, have welcomed their first baby together, the couple announced on Instagram in a joint post on Friday.

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