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Hero Wars Tier List Empower Your Team | Topgamesreview

In Hero Wars, choosing the right characters from the start is important based on their abilities and perks. In the long run, it leads to powerful and proficient characters. With the Hero Wars Tier List, you can save both your time and resources by making the right choices right from the start.


I have added a tier list to help you choose the worthy war heroes. Also, you have wasted money on some heroes. They were great at the start of the game but turned out to be unlucky at the end.

Updated on March 2nd, 2024 

There’s a reason why you should focus on the powerful characters in Hero Wars right away. Its upgrade requires an important investment of time and money.

So if you want to build a good team, you must know what you should try for. You can find our complete Hero Wars tier list and other tips for building a strong team below.

What Are The Hero Wars Best Heroes?

Before we get to the rankings, I would like to clarify something about the new ranking system.

The New Ranking System

So here’s the problem with leaderboards: they try to make heroes feel personal. But personal power means nothing in Hero Wars, it’s all about who you fight and which heroes you team up with.

That’s why I changed the tier list to my Hero Wars tier list. It will be much more useful for people who want to see the strongest heroes. Important new ranking criteria are now in place.

Synergy: How I can pair the hero with other heroes and how well teams use the hero. Heroes who appear in many teams and travel with other heroes receive higher scores.

Hydra: Heroes are becoming more and more important in wars. The higher the hero rating for this mode, the more heroes you can collect into high-damage teams.

Best Heroes for Hero Castle Wars


Galahad: Galahad is like a shield that saves your team from enemy attacks in the Hero Castle Battle.

Astaroth: Astaroth is tough. You can achieve great success and protect your friends.

Keira: Keira is great at fighting. She can hit many enemies at once, making them weak.

Great Heroes:

Jorgen: Jorgen can control enemies, making it hard for them to fight back.

K’arkh: K’arkh is strong. He smashes through enemy defenses.

Nebula: Nebula makes her friends stronger, giving them special powers.

Good Heroes:

Celeste: Celeste heals her friends and saves them from getting hurt.

Thea: Thea can bring back friends knocked out in battle.

Faceless: Faceless confuses enemies with illusions, making them weak.


What makes a hero the “best” in Hero Wars?

The best heroes are strong and help your team win battles.

How should I make my team?

Have a mix of heroes: some that take hits, some that hit hard, and some that help friends.

Can I win with other heroes besides top-tier ones?

Yes, it’s more about how you play than which heroes you use.

Any tips for using top-tier heroes?

Use their strengths to help your team. Pair tough heroes with strong attackers for a great team.

How should I build my team for Hero Castle Wars?

Build a team with a mix of heroes who can take hits, deal damage, and support each other in Hero Castle Wars.

Final Words:

In the Hero Wars Tier List, choosing the right heroes is important for winning battles. This guide lets you know which heroes are the best to lead your team to victory. you may like strong defenders or powerful attackers, but you’ll be ready to face any challenge and win.

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