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Hero Wars Free Gifts – How To Redeem Time Limited Rewards


Hero Wars Free Gifts is one of the top fantasy role-playing games for mobile devices. If you like these types of games, this might be the best choice for you. You can make the game more beautiful. You can also find many free Hero Wars gifts in this article. For example, free boxes and other free things.

Hero-Wars-Free Gifts

In Hero Wars, you can create your heroes. You can give them more powers and abilities, teach them new skills, and send them into battle. But, it may be difficult for new users to get new heroes and their abilities.

The developers of the Hero Wars game are now posting reward links on the game’s social media accounts. This will solve the problem and make the transition easier for new players. By clicking on these links, players can receive gifts, boxes, and other in-game items.

Nexters Global Limited released the Hero Wars game in March 2017. Users have downloaded the game over 50 million times on the Google Play Store. At present it is possible to get this game for free on Play Store and App Store.

Hero Wars Free Gifts & Boxes

We share two or three links here every day. Now in this game, you can get different rewards based on your link. But both beginners and experts can enjoy all these benefits.


Collect Free Gifts

January 2024

Collect Free Gifts

These links may be useful if you want to get gifts or boxes for Hero Wars. Additionally, these are dynamic links that change daily. So, you will need to retrieve them from this location from time to time. Additionally, we provide free access to Crazy Fox and Jackpot Crush coins.

Hero Wars Free Gifts Features

Hero Wars features available to all players make the game popular and successful. Here we have highlighted some of its key features so that you can know more about them.

  • In this game, you have a variety of heroes that you can train, unlock, and use to fight opponents in conflicts.
  • This game has a PvP section where you can fight your opponents and win unusual rewards or items.
  • Any player can receive free Hero Wars gifts and boxes by clicking on reward links posted by the game developers on the game’s social networks.
  • In this fantasy role-playing game, you can train your heroes. You can unlock their new abilities by exploring multiplayer military guilds.

With each new update, Hero Wars continues to deliver great new features. So make sure to always keep this game updated on your device.

Importance of Free Hero Wars Gift

Gifts are an important part of the Hero Wars game. They offer users the opportunity to gain benefits such as gold and free items. Users are not required to pay with real cash. They also offer drug tests. Players who receive gifts can progress faster in the game. They can also discover new heroes and features.

Additionally, players have access to special items. These include Platinum Boxes and Free Boxes. They can use these to upgrade their heroes and equipment. Hero Soulstones are another way to get gifts. These stones are necessary to unlock new heroes.

Types of Free Hero Wars Gifts

Gifts come in many forms in Hero Wars. Some popular ways to earn gifts include taking daily and weekly quizzes. You can also use gift cards and take part in events. Players can earn rewards such as cash, emeralds, and Hero Soul Stones by completing tasks.

Gift codes are what we call redeemable codes. You can find them on the official Hero Wars website, in-game, and on social media platforms. Players who use these coupons can get free gold, emeralds, and other benefits.

How to Claim Hero Wars Free Gifts

Hero-Wars-Free Gifts

Hero Wars players have several ways to redeem gifts and rewards. This section looks at the two main ways to get free stuff: using social media and using the game rewards system.

Claiming Through Game Reward

Hero Wars has a reward system to earn free rewards. By completing daily and weekly tasks, players can earn rewards. Many rewards are available for these quests, including cash, emeralds, and Hero Soulstones.

Players can follow the steps below to receive rewards through the in-game system.

  • Go to the rewards section after starting the game.
  • Verify whether any awards are available for you to claim.
  • To get the reward if there is one, click the claim button.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Free Gifts

Here are some ideas that Hero Wars players can use to make the most of their freebies. One way to achieve this is to join active Hero Wars Gifts communities and forums. There, other players discuss strategies and gift links. This can help players stay updated with news and updates related to free offers.

Fulfilling the daily and weekly quest requirements is another way to get the most out of the gifts. Rewards for these quests include Hero Soulstones, Emeralds, and Money. You can exchange these for energy and other goods. Additionally, players can level up their heroes by earning Titan Artifact Orbs. They earn these by completing tasks.

Players can maximize their free rewards by optimizing their roster. Players can select the most effective heroes for their team based on their ranking. This helps in completing tasks and earning rewards. To earn more rewards, players can replay completed levels using their energy.


Unlike other multiplayer games we have reviewed on our website, Hero Wars is a unique game. But, you can still get Hero Wars gifts and boxes using the links we posted on this page.

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  1. How do you get free energy in Hero Wars?

    At Wendy’s Shop, you can get 60 free energy points daily. You need to select the Free energy offer, type in your account ID, and select to whom you would like to send the offer. You can find the energy in the in-game mail. Letters with free energy are stored for three days.

  2. How do you get VIP in Hero Wars?

    Each time you purchase emeralds, bundles, skins, server transfers, or Valkyrie’s Favor, you get VIP points. VIP points increase your VIP level. You cannot use emeralds to earn VIP points. The highest VIP level is 15.

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