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Hero Wars Best Teams for Unique Epic Adventure


In the multiplayer online role-playing game Hero Wars Best Teams. you and your heroes fight ghosts, warlocks, trolls, demons, and other supernatural enemies. Each hero has special skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

As you progress, there will be new heroes available. These heroes can level up and equip themselves with equipment that helps them get new skills.

Also to the standard campaign mode, you can take part in global PvP arena matches with other players. More experienced players can access the Great Arena. There, they can find heroes and rare artifacts. You can find more features in the Outland, Airplane, and Merchant tabs. These include skin stones and special items.

In any case, choosing heroes is the most important part of the game. Below are the Best Heroes Hero Wars loadouts (tested). This includes a summary of the game’s mechanics. It also covers important elements to consider when choosing a loadout.

Roles, Types, And Ranks Of Heroes


The web version of the game has 61 playable characters or heroes, while the mobile version has 63. Galahad is the only hero you start the game with. But, once you complete the first chapter (mission) of the campaign mode, new heroes will unlock, you unlock new heroes.

From then on, you can unlock new heroes by collecting matching Soul Stones. Players can select up to five heroes in a battle.

All level 1 heroes have the lowest starting stats. To level up, a hero must gain a certain amount of experience through quests and/or EXP potions.

Three indicators on each hero’s avatar provide information about their powers. These are the Ascension Rank, represented by the color and pattern of the border. The number of stars at the bottom represents the Development Rank. The numbers at the top represent the General Level.

Evolution And Promotion Rank

Collect hero soul stones five times during a mission. This will increase the hero’s evolution rank. Each hero needs gold to start the evolution process. They must first locate the required soul stones.

Certain conditions must be met to evolve a hero. Soul Gems are rare. They also provide essential materials to increase your campaign ranking. We combine many objects to create more complex objects. With each level gained, heroes gain two base points in all important stats.

A hero’s skill level is also determined by his promotion rank. The four skills that most heroes own are violet, blue, green, and white. The white skill is the only exception. All other skill kinds are only accessible after reaching the corresponding promotion rank. For example, the green skill is accessible after reaching the green promotion rank.



Each Hero Wars Best Teams has different characteristics. These include their base position, attack type, and function.

Tank, warrior, healer, magician, and shooter are the main characters of the game. Other control and support functions are extra.

Support Heroes boost the attacks of your other heroes. Control Heroes help you block and slow down enemies. Protagonists can play more than one role.

Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, And Martha – Best Twins Team

Christa and Lars are twins. They have such strong synergy that it’s possible to build many strong teams around them. Both can mark enemies so that their allies can deal more damage to those enemies. To deal more damage, they can boost each other’s attacks.

Martha is without a doubt a very effective healer—better than most in her capacity. But Martha is only useful when it comes to her teapot; once it breaks, she is worthless. Players use her in tandem with him because of her ability to block the strongest AoE assaults, Jorgen.

Astaroth’s ability to work with any squad in every mode is its greatest feature. Nebula is a support hero who deals physical damage, but she is more useful in her dual function as a healer.

Galahad, Jet, Jhu, Nebula, And Sebastian – For Maximum Damage Output


If you want to end your opponents as soon as possible, this is one of your favorite teams. Each of these Hero Wars Best Teams has the highest damage per second.

Galahad has a tank that only deals pure damage. As a vampire, he is one of the few heroes who can use his powers to heal himself. Another hero who only deals pure damage is Sebastian.

Nebula works well with heroes who deal a lot of damage, particularly Jhu. Jet is ideal for the team because she only heals heroes who have the strongest physical assault.

Orion, Dorian, Helios, Nebula, Astaroth – Best Synergy

One of the most powerful hero combinations in the game is the Orion, Dorian, and Helios (ODH) trio. By combining with other cohesive teams a very strong and effective team can be formed.

It’s usually a good idea to pair Helios with someone who has more magic, like Orion. Helios does more magical damage but doesn’t cause magical interference. Dorian is an excellent healer due to his fast healing and high protection against AoE damage.

Martha’s superior healing makes many players choose her over Dorian in these setups. This tactic might backfire. Opponents like Cleaver may disrupt a team’s positional cohesion.

Satori, Thea, Jorgen, Maya, And Astaroth – Best Satori-Based Team


Satari counters some of the strongest hero combinations in the game. This includes ODH, Twins, and Karkh-based teams. Satari’s fox fire symbols and magical attacks can defeat powerful enemies.

Cover Satari with powerful tanks. Use healers to support her until she reaches her full potential. The supporting cast includes Jurgen, Thea, Maya, and Astaroth.

Dorian, Orion, Helios, Clever, And Peppy

People know ODH and Cleaver as Cleappy. Together, they form a formidable squad that can handle popular hero combos in the game.

Your odds of obtaining Cleaver are slim without paying. If you can land him, he might be a valuable addition to your squad or teams.

The wise and the brave work better together. Every time Clever uses his Decay ability to deal pure damage to nearby enemies. Including himself, Peppy’s Audacity ability activates. It deals even more extra damage. Pippi Madge performs in team games.

Fafnir, Artemis, Tristan, Luther, And Asteroth – New Meta Team

One of the strongest compositions in Hero Wars Best Teams is Tristan, Artemis, and Fafnir (TAF) and two tanks, probably Luthor and Clever/Astarth. This is one of the best meta teams currently.

One of the strongest team compositions in Wars Best Team is Tristan, Artemis, and Fafnir (TAF). It also includes two tanks, Luthor and Clever/Astarth. This is one of the best meta teams currently.

Hero Roles and Positions

  • Tank: Defenders in the front lines taking hits.
  • Damage Per Second, or DPS, is the main source of damage.
  • Support: delivering debuffs, boosts, or healing.
  • Control: Using crowd control effects, disrupt adversaries.

Synergy Dynamics

  • recognizes the synergistic effects of heroes’ abilities.
  • Samples of hero trios and pairs that work well together.

Counterplay Strategies

  • determine and oppose the team compositions of opponents.
  • changing your lineup to take on special teams.


Q1: How often should I change my team composition?

Ans: Check your squad often. Consider the meta evolution, level advancement, and hero upgrades. Try out several configurations to determine which suits your playstyle the best.

Q2: Are there heroes that work well in any team composition?

Ans: Indeed, some Heroes in hero wars are adaptable and work well in a variety of team configurations. [Hero Name 1], [Hero Name 2], and [Hero Name 3] are a few examples.

Q3: What role should be prioritized in team composition?

Ans: Role balance is essential. Make sure you have a dependable tank, steady DPS, and enough support to handle every facet of combat.

Q4: How can I counter specific hero abilities in the opponent’s lineup?

Ans: Learn the skills of the heroes that oppose you. Use heroes with abilities that can negate threatening powers. Also, use heroes with crowd-control abilities. Adapt your plan of attack to the advantages and disadvantages of your opponent.

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In Hero Wars Best Teams, the building is an ongoing process. You understand the nuances of counterplay. synergy and hero roles will help you build teams. They can withstand any obstacle. This vibrant mobile game is strategic. You can try new things, make adjustments, and lead your warriors to victory.

  1. What is the hardest hero to get in hero wars?

    Cleaver He is one of the hardest heroes to get in the game, but if you can get your hands on him, he’s extremely useful.

  2. What is the max skill in Hero Wars?

    Each hero has four skills. Only the first skill can be manually used during combat. The second, the third, and the fourth skills activate automatically. The maximum level of the first two skills is 130, the third — 110, and the fourth — 90.

  3. Who is the best mage in Hero Wars?

    Cornelius is the best Mage Counter in Hero Wars and is worth investing in, his artifact provides team-wide magic defense when activated.

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