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Best Games Like Township To Play For iOS & PC

Farming Games like Township are not the most popular among mobile games. In the popular game Township, you can build your city and farm. There is a loyal fan base for this kind of stuff. Farming has several unique gameplay elements players spend money to buy crops and animals.

They make that money back plus profit. they harvest the plants and animals. Most of the mobile-forming sims are lighter and casual side. But there are some decent ones and the best farming games for Android.

Top Farming Games Like Township For Android.

  • Big Little Farmer
  • Blocky Farm
  • Farming Simulator 23
  • Farm Ville 3
  • Sumikkogurashi
  • Little Big City 2
  • Stardew Valley
  • Township

Big Little Farmer

Big Little Farmer is a unique Farming Game. This is one of the few games that also complete offline play. It appears to play a bit like Farmville. You dig up the earth, Plant crops, raise animals, and Harvest their milk and eggs. Your Farm sells your stuff for a profit.

Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm is a farm game with graphics. The Game uses Classic Mechanics like farming crops and such. But you also get pets, elements, and more. You can also free drive. They help with stuff like crop harvesting. Some other mechanics include fishing pets and changing weather systems. It looks simple and makes the game silly.

Farming Simulator 23

The Popular farming simulator and released in 2023. The game is very much like its predecessors. You get a farm, grow stuff, harvest it, and get it for profit. The game’s big draw is the vast machines you get to use.

You can take care of heroes. The new version of this game comes out every year. So, If we don’t update this list check Google Play for the new versions.

Farm Ville 3

Farm Ville 3 is the latest game in the Farm Ville franchise. This one is pretty like to most of the others. You plant, crops, raise animals decorate your farm, make friends, and send gifts. You have to manage your resources since you get so much space.


Sumikkogurashi Farm is one of the best farming games on the list. It has a different style like a cartoon-style graphics theme. Players grow crops and use them to make snacks and dishes. You ship your snacks once you make them for a profit and use them to grow your farm.

Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2 is a friendly game developed by Gameloft. This game is related to “ Meh” on RAWG. This game is Available on Android. You can get the game on Google Play.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is the best farming mobile game. It has all of the elements to grow harvest and sell crops. But the game adds some RPG elements. You can go into town and meet the townspeople. You can also play this for free with Google Play.


Township gameplay to a game like Farmville. You build a farm where you harvest crops process and sell the products for a profit. You will add more and more types of buildings. The main gameplay is farming crops, so we think it belongs here. This is a bit slow not unlike Farmville. It is a solid little farming sim.

Township Promo Codes May 2024

Township promo codes offer free rewards like cash and coins, which are used to unlock new buildings and speed up their process. We added new codes and also mentioned expired codes.

Do you enjoy farming and city-building Township games to relax and enjoy your free time? Township Playrix is just the right one for you. We have a list of township promo codes.


  • Township Promo Codes
  • How to use codes
  • All expired codes
  • What area codes

How to redeem Township promo codes?

Follow these steps.

  • Launch the Game on your device
  • Tap on the Settings icon In the top left corner
  • Click on the Enter promo codes button
  • Paste the codes in the box and Confirm to get free rewards

List of expired codes

  • Grow crops – Free rewards
  • Crops – Free rewards
  • Township Gift – Free rewards
  • Free Bonus 2023 – Free rewards
  • Township Fun – Free rewards
  • Mine – Free rewards

What are Township promo codes?

Township promo codes offer rewards like cash and coins, more to help you build your town. At this moment there are no active codes in the game. The developers offer to release new codes during new events and check back regularly for updates.

Township Game Cheat

Like any journey, Township cheats sometimes you may need a little help. Don’t worry. There are many tricks to help you navigate the Game Like Township and other areas. A quick internet search will give you many resources to help you.


What game is most like Township?

Township is another prominent game in the list of top options for the Township game. Supercell introduced this multiplayer game for both Android and iOS platforms.

Can I find cheats or hacks for games like Township?

There may be a Cheat for Township game. It is important to use them and be aware of the risks.

What Type Of Games Like Township?

Township is a relaxed farming and city-building game that grows and starts on multiple platforms by Playrix. Players develop starter towns by building factories, harvesting crops, and creating goods.

Is the Township game like the ads?

For instance, many ads for Township depict action gameplay that is completely unlike the app itself.

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Final Words:

We look forward to experiencing many worlds. You can explore and beat the game world.

you do this by going on epic trips to remote places, farming a virtual farm, or building an empire from scratch. Start the journey now, set the direction, and enjoy the ride!

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  1. What game is most like township?

    Hay Day is another prominent game in the list of top 10 alternatives to the Township game. Supercell introduced this multiplayer game for both Android and iOS platforms

  2. What type of game is a township?

    Township is a casual farming and city-building game developed and launched on multiple platforms by Playrix in which players develop starter towns by building factories, harvesting crops, and creating goods.

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