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Do you want Games like State of Survival? There is no other place to search! This is a list of games that have gameplay or visual elements like State of Survival Gameplay. Try out any of these games as well if you enjoy the State of Survival.

Heroes of the Dark


Gameloft is the developer of the action multiplayer role-playing and strategy game Heroes of the Dark. They were first published in 2021. Gameloft is its publisher. Heroes of the Dark is available for iOS and PC. Steam and the App Store are the points of sale for the game.

Dark Envoy


Event Horizon is the developer of the action-adventure role-playing game Dark Envoy. available since 24 October 2023.

Event Horizon released the book. The game received a recommended rating from Rodgers. Dark Envy is playable on a PC. The game may be found on GOG and Steam.

Command and Control 3


Command & Control Game Studios developed the strategy game Command & Control 3. The publisher was Command & Control Game Studios. Most of Rodgers called the game extraordinary. You can play Command & Control 3 on PC. They use Steam to sell games.

Heroes of Dire


Spellbook developed the independent multiplayer adventure role-playing game Heroes of Dire. It was first available in 2017. www.Spellbook.com published it. Most of Rodgers gave the game a meh rating. You can access Heroes of Dyer on Linux, Windows, and macOS. They use Steam to sell games.

Gloria Victis: Siege


Fishtank Studio developed the adventure, role-playing strategy, and simulation game Gloria Wickes: Siege. The game has a recommended rating on RAWG. You can play Gloria Wickets: The Siege on the computer. They use Steam to sell games.

Age of Empires IV


World’s Edge and Relic Entertainment cooperated to create Age of Empires IV. published for the first time in 2021. Microsoft Game Studios was the publisher. Age of Empires IV has a meta score of 81 based on expert reviews.

On RAWG the game has a Recommended rating. You can access the Age of Empires IV PC game. The game is available on Steam.


Capcom created the action-shooter game Exoprimal. Publish date: July 14, 2023. Capcom published the game. Rodgers rated the game for the most part.

Exoprimal is playable on PC PlayStation 4 Xbox Series S/X and other platforms. The PlayStation Store and Steam both have the game accessible.

The Evolution of Survival Gaming

  • The history of video games with a survival theme
  • Examining the growth in popularity of the genre
  • Examining the distinct allure of State of Survival Discord and its equivalents

Alliances and Betrayals: Dynamics in Survival Games

  • The importance of coalitions in survival games
  • Techniques for establishing and preserving coalitions
  • Getting across the fine line that divides lies and trust

Undead Realms: Zombies as Game Changers

  • Analyzing how zombies function in survival games
  • Various kinds of zombie enemies
  • Techniques for dealing with zombie swarms and changing threats


Q1: Are alliances crucial for success in games like State of Survival?

Alliances provide benefits strategy of shared resources and security. In these games building strong unions grows your chances of survival and progress.

Q2: How do you navigate the politics of in-game alliances?

An active taking part in building trust and communication is vital. Recognize the dynamics of your alliance make meaningful contributions and solve disputes.

Q3: What are some common strategies for dealing with zombie hordes?

Focus on base defense. Train special troops. Use the unique abilities of each character in the game. It is very important to launch coordinated attacks and develop strategies.

Q4: Are there games with a narrative similar to the State of Survival?

Many survival games have interesting stories. They are set in post-apocalyptic environments with strategic aspects and many difficulties. Each adds a different touch to the style of play.

Resource Management: The Heartbeat of Survival

  • Managing and maximizing the output of resources
  • Techniques for collecting and storing
  • The effect of limited resources on gameplay

Heroes and Villains: Characters That Shape the Game

  • Heroes’ function in survival games
  • revealing popular figures’ powers
  • Making calculated decisions while choosing heroes

Q5: How can players optimize resource management in these games?

Give top priority to resource-generating structures. Take part in resource programs and trade with alliance partners. Effective resource management is essential for long-term development.

Q6: What makes heroes significant, and how do you choose the right ones?

Heroes have special abilities that affect both combat and resource acquisition. When choosing a hero, think about their strengths and weaknesses. Consider how compatible they are with your play style.

Emerging Trends: The Future of Survival Gaming

  • Examining patterns in the changing gaming industry
  • New releases and developments in the survival genre
  • Looking forward to the developments that will mold gaming experiences in the future

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Final Words:

The survival game genre is growing. Games like State of Survival provide players with a unified challenging and strategic experience.

Players can start their journey with the knowledge and methods in this guide. They can survive by defeating the undead. They also build alliances in the dynamic environments of these immersive games.

  1. What type of game is the state of survival?

    State of Survival is an online mobile strategy game, which also happens to be one of the most popular titles in the genre.

  2. Is State of Survival a Chinese game?

    State of Survival is a mobile game created by Chinese gaming company Kings Group Holdings.

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