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Top Games Like Royal Match To Play Right Now

Games like Royal Match:


In this replayable royal match game, King Robert wants your help. He wants to restore the royal castle to its former glory. Each level offers great rewards. A variety of events and bonus levels bring special missions. The original design of Games Like Royal Match was for playing alone.

Now, you can play with other teams. Working as a team is twice the fun. You can take your time in achieving your goals. It’s a fun game, but what happens when you’re finished playing it?

In the following article, we have listed the top 7 games and we are excited to inform you. You can compare these games to Match Royale. So if you have played Match Royale to your heart’s content and are still looking for more!

List of Games like Royal Match

1: Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game


Nordcurrent developed Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game. It’s a free-to-play arcade, simulation, and casual video game. In this game, the player has to prepare fast food and sweets from different types of food. In the game, the player receives a variety of delicious ingredients.

The goal is to prepare the perfect meal. The player gets the chance to decorate their food, also to preparing various meals. Players can reach 1000 game levels to earn gifts and in-game points. with these benefits

2: My Story: Mansion Makeover


My Story: Mansion Makeover is a free-to-play, casual video game. It’s a simulation and puzzle game by ZenLife Games Limited. In this game, the player has to repair his mansion and protect it from evil people. The player can create his character to use in the game.

Players of this game have access to a wide range of furniture to choose from when decorating the mansion. In addition to rebuilding the property, the player has the opportunity…

3: Candy Manor: Home Design


Juicy Candy Studio has developed Candy Manor: Home Design. It’s a free casual simulation and puzzle game. The player playing this game has to decorate and renovate different parts of his house. The player has to solve other difficult challenges.

They also have to decorate and remodel the house. The player has to overcome many difficult stages in the game. The player has to play alone as it includes a single-player option. This game encourages…

4: Bubble Shooter: Home Design


Bubble Bear developed Bubble Shooter: Home Design. It’s a free video game in the Puzzle, Casual, and Simulation genres. In this game, the player has to hit three of the bubbles to remove them. The game has around 2000 challenging and exciting levels for the player to explore.

 After bursting bubbles, the player receives incentives and points. The player has to play alone as it includes a single-player option. Since this game has an offline mode, the user can do this.

5: Penny And Flo: Finding Home


Tactile Games develops Penny & Flo: Finding Home. It’s a free-to-play casual, simulation, and puzzle video game. The player’s task in this game is to renovate the mansion of a Hollywood actress. It offers dozens of customization options to change the mansion’s rooms.

In the game, the player has a large selection of furniture. He can choose his favorite. The player can complete many challenging tasks besides rebuilding the house. This is not…

6: My Café: Restaurant Game


Melsoft Games Ltd. developed the free simulation and casual video game My Café: Restaurant Game. In this game, the player can design and build a restaurant or café. Also to decorate a café or restaurant, the player can select menu items and their costs.

In the game, the player has a large selection of furniture. He can choose his favorite. It allows the user to compete with friends while playing.

7: Klondike Adventures

Wiser Apps Ltd. The developer made the free-to-play game Klondike Adventures. It’s a construction, simulation, and farming video game. The player has to build his farm in the forest of the game. The user can raise animals and collect grains to make food on this farm.

In this open-world game, the player can view the entire game environment. To earn points, the player must solve several challenging questions in the game…

8: Cooking City

Magic Seven developed the free-to-play video game series Cooking City: Cooking Games. It includes arcade, simulation, and puzzle games. The goal of this game is for the player to prepare delicious food and showcase his cooking skills.

The game allows the player to explore a variety of restaurants, bakeries, shops, and cafes. The player must complete all 300 levels of the game. Completing these levels gives the player huge bonuses and benefits. Players take advantage of these privileges and benefits.

9: Candy Puzzle Joy: Match 3 Game

Big Cool Games developed a free video game, Candy Puzzle Joy: Match 3 Game. It’s a casual, simulation, and puzzle game. By matching three or more candies, the player must solve various problems in this game.

After completing these puzzles, the player earns coins. They can use the coins to decorate their house. The player must complete each of the game’s hundreds of challenging stages. Completing them allows access to new sections. The design of this game makes it easy for people to play it.

10: My Home: Design Dreams

ZenLife Games Ltd. The developer created the free-to-play game My Home: Design Dreams. It’s a casual, simulation, and puzzle video game. The player playing this game plays the role of a decorator in a wonderful environment.

In this game, the player has to use imagination to turn an ordinary house into a luxurious mansion. In the game, the player receives many materials to build his house. There are many levels inside.

11: Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden is a mobile game from Tactile Games. It’s a puzzle, gardening, and romance game that takes you to a magical place. In this casual match-3 game, you have to rebuild the garden. Overcome difficult challenges to achieve your goal. Lily needs your help to renovate her aunt’s garden. She is alone and cannot lift heavy objects.

While choosing enough flowers for your project, discover hidden places. You have to cope with dozens of elements in the game.

12: Wildscapes


Building a zoo and taking care of a cute crew of pandas is not easy. To make a profit, we must meet our visitors. Otherwise, the zoo will not be able to develop much. Be a good manager. Open a zoo and place cute animals there to attract people. Add restaurants, cafes, and banks to make it easier for people to access.

The number of guests and fulfilled requirements determine the game’s outcome. Despite being by its very essence a separate game, it has

13: Fishdom

The game’s goal is to immerse you in an aquatic environment. Your job is to find similar objects to earn money. There are several recreational sections. In each section, you have to install pools to create a haven for beautiful fish. Not only can you play mini-games, but your main tasks also include feeding and taking care of the fish.

Prepare yourself for a unique gaming experience where you will be asked to create and furnish your ideal aquariums as you finish…

14: Homescapes

Austin, a butler, is stuck in a house and needs your help. You will find yourself in a beautiful house with many rooms and other attractions. Furthermore, you have to solve puzzles. Additionally, you have to complete match-3 levels and rebuild the mansion.

Get ready for an intense gaming experience. You’ll improve your interior design skills. Combine matching products with boosters and power-ups. The AI ​​is played by a beautiful array of characters, all of whom are available. Features of agriculture…

15: Gardenscapes

Playrix is a great game with similar gameplay to Township. But, it is missing the farming aspect. It welcomes you with open arms. It takes you to a fantasy realm. Your mission is to embark on a journey through a storyline. The storyline takes many surprising turns.

Restoring the ruins is no easy task. To progress, you have to make smart decisions and solve challenging puzzles. The fantastic match-3 components and adventure game combination ensure that the game never ends.

16: Township


The user can design his or her ideal city as a settlement. It will have a large number of buildings and fields full of crops to harvest. The player can explore the entire game area. They can collect materials and choose the ideal location for their farm. Sell ​​your products in the market and win concessions to get extra resources to get your land.

The township offers essential qualities like unique structures and ornamental objects. It also contains a variety of crops, adorable animals, and fresh settings.


What Is Royal Match?

Royal Match is a straightforward and uncomplicated match-3 puzzle game. Players must match at least three identical game pieces to advance.

How Many Levels Are In Royal Match?

The levels in Royal Match are about 600. When each level becomes more challenging than the last

Can You Restart Royal Match?

You cannot reset your progress by reinstalling the game. The online system saves user progress.

How Does Royal Match Make Money?

In-game purchases are the primary revenue source for the game’s developers.

Is There An End To The Royal Match Game?

In Royal Match, there are 600 levels. Once you’ve completed all 600 stages, the game will conclude.

Do You Ever Get To Save The King In Royal Match?

Yes, by completing the game’s objectives, you will be able to save the king.

How Do You Get Free Coins On Royal Match?

You should use this at your own risk, as some websites are offering to sell the hack to get free coins.

How Do You Beat The Royal Match?

You can win the Royal Match in the game by matching the identical elements, boosters, and power-ups.

How To Play Royal Match On PC?

Match-3 puzzle games are available on the PC. You can play the game on your PC by using the Android emulator, or you can look through our list to locate one.

Final Words 

Royal Match is an exciting and enjoyable game. If you’re seeking other intriguing casual puzzle games, look no further. Our collection of games Like Royal Match, is what you need.

Now that we’ve showcased the top games, such as Royal Match, you may choose which casual puzzle game to play next.

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  1. How popular is the Royal Match game?

    Royal Match is an engaging “match-three” puzzle game, that invites players to strategically align tiles or icons to clear a grid and unlock exciting challenges. The game has nearly 55 million active users who spend more money on average than Candy Crush’s 160 million users.

  2. Is Royal Match like the ads?

    That goes for both video and playable ads. Because these are mini-game ads, some players might say Royal Match is not as advertised. However, these are not your typical Playrix-type ads that don’t include actual gameplay, but rather a lot of pin-pulling.

  3. Why is Royal Match so successful?

    With 14.6M downloads and $112M in gross revenue in July, it outperformed Candy Crush’s 14.4M downloads and $104M revenue. Royal Match’s success is attributed to an aggressive paid user acquisition (UA) strategy, with 61.5% of downloads coming through paid channels, compared to Candy Crush’s 15.4%-25%.

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