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The Best Rafting Challenges in Games Like Raft

It is a lot of fun playing early-access Games Like Raft with friends. You can get it on Steam. The game is more exciting in a group environment even when played alone.

In the Raft Survival game. you have to create various items and collect materials. From the environment and build your raft. The game has a small plot that is still working on.

Even better you can capture the island’s animals and bring them aboard your boat. At the end of the game. You now only have one little ship in your fleet. These cooperative video games are good replacements. For Raft you can play with your friend.

The Forest – Games like Raft

Topping the list is The Jungle Horrified. But it’s an entertaining survival game set on an island.

The Jungle was in Early Access for some time before its release in 2014. But quite soon after they finished the game. And made it available as a full download. Its creator also has a plan to release. A sequel to The Forest End Night Games.

If you have not seen it this game like raft lets you control. A character who has lived in a plane crash. But you were on an island full of monsters and cannibals. Also after the accident, several cannibals kidnap your character’s son.

Tommy and the main plot of the game is to find him. But most players find the complex building. And survival aspects are more entertaining than the plot.



Another great option is the recently released game. Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment. the same company that brought us Fallout. New Vegas and The Outside Worlds. It has already received many positive comments.

During these difficult times. one of the best cooperative games to play grounded. It is like playing Honey I shrivel the Kids. The map is a house garden and you play as one of four people shrunk down to the size of an ant.

Ground is a game where you can create and build items armor weapons and structures. It is like a forest. There are different types of worms some more lethal than others.

Spiders are currently the dominant creatures due to their speed. And talent to kill in a single blow.

But the campaign/story is somewhat short. And puts more power on basic progress and search. More features must be introduced over time. Early access to the game is still available.

If you are currently looking for a great cooperative game ground is the best choice.



Another Raft-like game. That is worth checking out is Astroneer except it takes place in space. According to the game’s plot humanity has entered. Age of Discovery is in the 25th century. It is your responsibility to explore space.

Dig up on abnormal objects and learn more about the universe’s mysteries. Also, the game gives you digging equipment. Build materials then create anything you like. You can explore seven different planets in Astroneer.

Each with its secrets and different biomes. It is also recommended to play this game with many friends.

Subnautica – Games Like Raft


If you like underwater survival games then Subnautica is a good choice. With over 95% positive reviews. It is one of the highest-rated titles on Steam.

In this game, you have to survive underwater in a supernatural world with an ocean. Your goal is to land on an alien planet and explore new areas. Below the surface, there will be lava fields. Rivers and deep ocean trenches.

To make sure your survival you must like a raft. Craft materials and search for items. You also need to think about what you usually eat and drink.

You can also build underwater bases in Subnautica. Giving you a place to restock supplies and store your vehicles. And refuel with oxygen before heading out again. The game includes a day and night. A system where even scarier animals appear at night. This game is fun to play with your loved ones or friends.

Stranded Deep


In the early access game Stranded Deep. Your goal is to survive after being stranded in the Pacific Ocean. In some ways, it can be compared to both The Raft and The Forest.

Likewise, you will have to collect supplies craft tools, and weapons. Build a shelter and quench your hunger and thirst. In art style, it looks more like a forest. Survival is the goal of the game. If you understand the basics it is not too hard.

Also to the base, you can build vehicles like rafts and even gyrocopters. Instead of staying on the island. You can explore the ocean in search of unusual marine life or shipwrecks. In general, the game is quite comfortable. And allows you to create a variety of builds.



Rust is another game worth considering although it is more of a battle royale game. In the Rust game, your main goal is to survive. Providing them with enough food and water is part of this.

You start the game with a stone and a torch and try to create as many items as possible. also to harvesting food and making crafts. In build environments, you will engage in player-versus-player combat. You might need to build a stronger gun if you want to drop other players.

Exploring Games Like Raft: FAQs and More

Do you like playing survival games? That tests your skill to be creative in uncertain situations. If so you have seen the famous game The Raft. In this game, you immerse yourself in a sea adventure in which.

You have to build a small raft, survive, and explore a vast ocean. We can answer your quick questions and help you find similar games.


Q: What are some games similar to Raft?

A: Games like Subnautica may have gameplay elements like crafting and survival. The Deep and the Forest. Each game has a unique backdrop and set of obstacles.

Q: Can I build and customize structures like in Raft?

A: Yes, two of these games’ most important elements are building and need. Minecraft is a more noteworthy game. That allows you a great deal of creative freedom when creating your world.

Q: Is multiplayer available in these games?

A: In fact, many survival games like Raft have multiplayer options. Play games such as Ark and Do Not Starve Together. Survival Evolved allows you to play with friends.


Raft is one of the better early-access titles available. But you may get tired of it. If you like playing Games Like Raft in this genre, this list will give you plenty of options.

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