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Great Mobile Games Like Angry Birds First Epic Puzzle

Few games have influenced the evolving mobile gaming industry more than Angry Birds. Millions of people have fallen in love with this well-known Rovio Entertainment game. It also represents a mobile gaming revolution. In this part, we will explore the world of video Games Like Angry Birds.

We will study their impact on the gaming business. We’ll also explore the reasons why people love them around the world.

Angry Birds Impact On Mobile Game:

Angry Birds’ addictive mechanics and physics-based gameplay encourage many games. The game’s success made this possible. Titles like Bad Piggies, Cut the Rope, and Crush the Castle have harmed mobile gaming. Angry Birds is the basis for this.

Top 9 Games Like Angry Birds to Play Right Now

One of those old telephone games that has made its way into modern times is Angry Birds. Angry Birds doesn’t seem to have a future soon. It features many variants, easy gaming mechanics, and adorable animal characters.

Don’t worry if you’ve had enough of Angry Birds Similar Games and want to play anything else. With our Top 9, we have provided verified records to save you the hassle.

Of course, we have added a handy link to each game we tested. After reading our comprehensive evaluation, you can decide if you want to invest more time in it. Here are the eight games you should play right now to have an Angry Birds-like experience.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a puzzle video game and a spin-off to Angry Birds developed by Rovio Entertainment, developers of Angry Birds. Bad Piggies features Piggies as heroes and takes gamers on hilarious and engaging puzzle adventures.

It is a physics-based game with creative level design. Bad Piggies is available on Android, Windows, iOS, and the majority of other platforms.

Crush The Castle


Berg’s first year with Angry Birds Verantlich is complete. These games motivate Angry Birds, using Catapult-Schleuder gameplay for integration. Denoch gives Crush the Castle as Angry Birds.

In this game, you throw bombs and big stones at neighboring forts. Many people, both nobles and common people, live in these forts. You are hitting these people with these projectiles. Additionally, the game allows users to build and destroy their castles.

Unlikely, the game’s graphics and visuals are not the best. Unlike Angry Birds, everything is sudden and raw. But, in the sequel, Crush the Castle 2, the developers updated and redesigned the level creator. I recommend playing Crush the Castle 2 to learn more about the start of Angry Birds.

Ninja Dogs


Since its introduction in 2009, Angry Birds Dog Toy has gained a lot of popularity. It makes sense that other developers would want to capitalize on its achievements.

They want to create something similar. The concept of Ninja Dogs is like that of Angry Birds, except that it copies its formula.

In Ninja Dogs, trained dogs take on aggressive cats by choice of fighting birds and pigs. A gang of cats kidnaps his ninja dog Sensei. The devoted student stands up and starts on a mission to rescue his master. To save his sensei, you have to help the dog ninja end the evil cat clan.

Stupid Zombies


Stupid Zombies is a hard and entertaining action-puzzle mobile game. You take on the role of a person looking for zombies in this game. Your goal is to end each of them before they reach your accommodation. The game provides grenades, bazookas, and other weapons to help you along the way.

Like Angry Birds, accuracy is very important in this game. The zombies are in good condition. But, the difficulty increases as the game progresses. At first, they will be outside. As the levels progress, they will become smarter. They will start hiding behind wooden boxes and protective walls.

You also have a limited number of shots before the game ends. It reminds me of Angry Birds, where you can only play with certain birds. Additionally, there are over 900 levels available in the game. This contributes to the game’s high replay value. Additionally, there are several sequels to the series that you can watch.

Siege Hero Wizards

This is one of the best-executed Angry Birds clones. Millions of people play this second physics puzzle game which is quite addictive. In it, players use powerful power-ups and spells to defeat various fantasy opponents. These opponents include trolls and orcs.

The antagonist of the final chapter is a clever magician with a difficult challenge. Players should not enter the game thinking they can defeat enemies with magic. It is not Games Like Angry Birds. Your victory in this game depends on how well you plan, think, and execute.

The game’s illustrations and graphics are very detailed and reminiscent of cartoons. It all sounds like fun until you run into the game’s basic problems. Problems arise due to too many ads and lack of activity after the game is over. The lack of stages after defeating the evil wizard also reduces the game’s replay value. Sometimes advertisements can interrupt your gaming session.

With a little patience, you can control the smartphone game’s fault. You can also make the most of its missed chances.

Bunny Shooter Christmas

For Angry Birds fans, Bunny Shooter Christmas offers a relaxing yet exciting experience. In this game, you take charge of a bow which contains some arrows. Your job is to use your bow to end the angry rabbits at each level.

Like Angry Birds, this game also requires precise strategy. As the game progresses, players will place these rabbits in strange places. Still, the levels are so well crafted that it’s worth exploring how to overcome the difficulty.

Players can experiment with different levels in Bunny Shooter Christmas. While many players thought the game was easy, others found it quite difficult. After Angry Birds, Bunny Shooter Christmas is a great mobile game to try. It has entertaining animations and addictive gameplay.

Angry Farm


The soundtrack of Angry Farms and Angry Birds is comparable. In this game, players have to develop their farms and protect them from enemies who want to destroy them. It has a simple story, challenging gameplay, and good graphics.

Like Angry Birds, this game allows you to shoot animals to attack enemies in the slingshot game. The main difference is that instead of allowing enemies to destroy your territory. You use animals to stop them. The animals in this game are ferocious and will attack you without hesitation.

The game’s clever power-ups make Angry Farm levels less difficult and more fun. Players need mental strength to overcome the challenges in Angry Farm. If you’re looking for a light game with subtle challenges, check out Angry Farms.

Catapult King


Catapult King features slingshot gameplay like Angry Birds. Players try to destroy enemy forts and fortifications. They do this by firing many cannonballs at them. The game offers over 100 challenging levels for players to complete and enjoy.

Fans of the latest Angry Birds augmented reality game. Isle of Pigs will recognize the game’s structure. You fire cannonballs at castles in front of you, not from a side view. You can enchant your slingshot with magic that you get after completing a level.

These skills allow you to destroy enemy bases more. This game requires precise execution and a well-thought-out plan. , the title implies absurdity. The behavior and reactions of its characters will make you laugh.

If you’re looking for another fun physics-based game with challenging obstacles. check out Catapult King.

Catapult Wars

Catapult War artillery shooter combines classic Angry Birds gameplay elements with RPG elements. Your task is to destroy each enemy catapult before it penetrates your defenses. To attack enemies, players can use a large catapult loaded with bombs and rocks available in the game.

The game has a good selection of enemies to defeat, including trolls and orcs. They will not leave you as they will continue to launch projectiles at your base. The gameplay of Catapult Wars is easy to understand and master. Players have to complete different levels of the game. Each level becomes more difficult as they progress.

The game has good graphics and effects to keep players interested in the gameplay. Players can earn a variety of rewards by completing the Catapult Wars stages.

You can use the coins in these gifts to buy improvements and gear for your heroes’ catapults. Catapult Wars is a great game to play if you enjoy Angry Birds.

It is something new to meet your cravings. Here are our eight video game recommendations to pass the time after Angry Birds ends.


Why are Games Like Angry Birds so popular?

A famous gaming genre that is both easy and addictive is Angry Birds. Gamers of all skill levels can enjoy the game because of its UI and appealing features.

Can Games Like Angry Birds be played on various devices?

Many games, like Angry Birds, work across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This way, users can play them on a variety of devices.

Final words:

Games like Angry Birds entertain players. They have also influenced the mobile gaming industry. Its influence extends beyond the screen.

It inspires programmers to create innovative, engaging experiences. Titles like Angry Birds suggest more interesting developments in mobile gaming. This is thanks to advancements in technology.

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  1. Why is Angry Birds gone?

    Though its popularity may have decreased as a result of market saturation and changing gaming trends, Angry Birds is still around.

  2. Are Angry Birds 1 removed?

    A sequel, Angry Birds 2, was released in July 2015 for iOS and Android. Around April 2019, the original game was removed from the App Store.

  3. Who owns Angry Birds?

    Rovio is best known for the global Angry Birds brand, which started as a popular mobile game in 2009, and has since evolved from games to various entertainment, animations, and consumer products with brand licensing.

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