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Top Games Like Terraria 2024 for Android & PC

Despite its opening free in 2011. Games Like Terraria remain famous across its many plans. This game is an action-stunt sandbox game grown. By Re-Logic that allows you to do whatever you want.

Search save money craft build fight and more in a make 2D world. You might think this would make it easy to find a game. It does at least one of these things.

But the real beauty is finding something. It does everything with sound and at the same time. Games like Terraria are rare, but luckily we have arranged a list of two dozen. Check it out below.

Games Like Terraria



You have to load up Alchemy to see how similar it is to Terraria. Many people have called it a clone of the game. But that’s not a bad thing if you want a piece of Terraria. In Alchemy, players search 2D environments and collect resources.

And create items that can come to life. game Like Terraria, it’s about war. You will be able to create potions that will improve your skills and help you in battle.



ASTRONEER is a sandbox stunt game developed by System Era Softworks. with a variety of instruments at your disposal. You can design the planet as you wish. The base building is superb, and the game has a great sense of place.

Thanks to the search for seven planets. For persons who would rather turn. They back on fantastic games Like Terraria. Must play this space adventure game.

Craft The World


As the name hints Craft the World places a lot of force on art. This may involve getting ready supplies. Such as food and weapons. Or even a shelter for your group of dwarves.

The game developers have stated what its condition is like. A combination of Dwarf Fortress cell Keeper and Terraria-like game. Fighting hordes of monsters brings back memories of Terraria.



Kriya is a game that is very like Terraria. But it also does a lot to change itself. As a player, you can create a level and a skill tree with 80 skills to learn.

These skills allow you to collect money. Defeat enemies, and collect better weapons to help you in battle. The game also has its study sequence and a few RPG elements.

If you are looking for a game like Terraria Kriya will grab your attention with its contrasting art style.



Like Terraria this game is perfect. For those who enjoy building and fighting. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Zelda and Stardive Valley, except it’s Terraria.

And it for sure lives up to those big comparisons. The 2D art style and colors give it a fun look. Your goal is to buy and clear land as per your choice.



Grounded is a survival game developed by Obsidian. Fun and distributed by Xbox Game Studios. It is best told of Honey I Shrunk the Kids in video game form.

You can still build things and collect materials to deal with garden pests. Like ants and spiders although the building point is less important than it is in Terraria. It is also a great joy. To become a small creature and discover a new world.

Hollow Knight

With all its body and floating eyes. Terraria contains some sinister facet. Hollow Knight has so much more to offer. Although there is not much mining or creation.

The combat search and prime artwork should make up for it. Additionally, the game has a great progress. The mechanism that fills in all the gaps left by Terraria. Is there anyone searching for a Terraria-like game? Will find this Metroidvania adventure very appealing.


Progress by RedBeat Interactive and published by Axolot Games. Raft is about starting from scratch and placing something amazing. You start on a small wooden board in the sea.

And have to collect materials to build a bigger and higher platform. The basic idea is very much of ​​games like Terraria. Although it does not seem so.

Oxygen Not Included


In the space survival simulation game Oxygen. Not Insert your colony is in constant danger. Also to a scarcity of food and water. Other factors include the need to stay warm and the shortage of oxygen.

The aim of the game is to mine and find capital. In advance, your colony runs out of oxygen.



Magician Modes MoonQuest holds. The open world feeling of past and present. Players can search and aim for the moon in this sandbox game.

Amazing pixel art and is lush. Long ago verbs increased interest. In searching crafting and searching.

Cube Life Survival Island


Before a clear clone of Minecraft. On the Wii U, this unsafe option has resurfaced on the Switch. While the focus is now on Mojang games like Terraria available on Nintendo systems.

Cube Life is unique in some ways. It involves many familiar Minecraft bits. Such as blocky graphics and creative lazy modes.

But the game is a little closer. To traditional gameplay patterns with its predefined. (And give rise to) island location and actual narrative mode. Cube Life is a great starter game.

For those who are in doubt tackle Terraria or Minecraft due to its more mild nature. Fans of re-logic survival games will also love the island-based survival idea.

Dig or Die


It is hard to pick a favorite game genre. So it is always interesting to see. How well games combine many genres. Dig or Die is a unique science story.

Dig or Die is a sandbox quest game like Terraria. But also contains aspects of platform games. sci-fi games and tower defense games.

The research and mining facet of the game will remind you of Terraria. But some of the strategy parts offer interesting aspects as well. It is always devastating to see structures. That is not built due to the laws of physics.

It Lurks Below


The title is like Terraria creative and gameplay. It Lurks Below is an action based. Survival RPG is filled with stats. And character classes that will meet RPG fans. It Hide Below also includes generated underground levels.

That spawns a ton of enemy items and excitement. Since its launch in 2018. The game has profited from regular updates and support. There are many activities to keep players busy.

Like farming and cooking. Exploring making medicine holiday events. And of course, lots of weapon collecting.

Stardew Valley

Last but not least Stardew Valley is a game. That has been progress so you have heard of it. Besides the fun aspects of fighting monsters.

And exploring dungeons you are also responsible for reviving a ruined farm. Dealing with NPCs can be entertaining as great side quests.

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  1. Are there any games similar to Terraria?

    It offers a similar 2D sandbox experience but set across a multitude of procedurally generated planets in space. Stardew Valley: While it leans more towards farming and community simulation, there’s mining, combat, and exploration that might remind you of Terraria. Don’t Starve A survival game with a unique art style.

  2. Is Terraria a kids’ game?

    Terraria was never meant for children as such, just for teens and adults. Also, you CAN turn off violence in the settings as it is an issue with a lot of parents.

  3. Why is Terraria so famous?

    Terraria’s combination of exploration, creativity, progression, and community engagement has led to its enduring popularity.

  4. Should I play Starbound or Terraria?

    If downloading community content matters for you, Terraria is your go-to title. On the other hand, if you also like them, but they are not a deal breaker, Starbound is still a great option.

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