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How To Make Your Evony Generals Best Mounted Guide?


In the popular online policy game Evony. Users can create and manage their virtual empire. Effective use of Evony Generals is one of the key ingredients. That can have a huge impact on the success of your game.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll learn all you need to know about Evony Best Generals. Including their meaningful methods of acquisition and strategies to maximize your skills.

1: Understanding the Role of Evony Generals

Bird commanders are vital to the success of your empire. You lead your troops into battle and control the acquisition of resources. And aid in the progress of your cities. To develop a successful plan in the game. it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your generals.

2: Get Generals Evony


2.1:Recruiting Generals

Training generals is an important part of building a powerful army. Alliance and Torn are the only two ways to bring generals into the game. It is important to add variety to your normal team. Taking into account different points of the game. Including defense, attack, and resource management.

2.2: Leaders from Missions and Events

You can also earn stronger generals by completing quests and taking part in events. Pursuing special events and missions that offer unique generals. This can lead to important progress in both fight and city development.

3: Leaders from Missions and Events

3.1: Leadership

A general’s ability to lead an army is established by his or her level of leadership. A general’s ability to command a large army increases with the level of leadership. Keep this standard in mind when gathering your army for various purposes. Such as conquering enemy cities or defending your own.

3.2: Intelligence

A general’s talent to manage resources and act espionage is affected by intelligence. Intelligent generals are invaluable for strategic planning. As they can get vital information about enemy cities. As well, intelligence helps create resources. Which helps expand your empire.

3.3: Politics

Politics is essential to manage diplomatic relations and unions. Top political generals can build strong relationships. Make well-paid deals and change the political conditions. Politically astute generals are vital to long-term balance and success.

4: Methods for Using Generals in Combat

4.1: Defensive Manoeuvres

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of your generals when fighting. Generals possessing strong leadership and combat skills. May be used as the spearheads of offensive strategies. To win the battle and exploit the opposition’s weaknesses coordinate your generals.

4.2: Protective Techniques

But defending tactics need generals with strong defensive skills. Think about nominating generals with strong political and intelligence skills. To handle the diplomatic facet of the war and set up. Defense pacts and alliances to keep safe your empire.

5: Raising the Bar for Evony Generals

5.1: Education and Background

Use your training and experience to help your generals excel. Take part in missions fight battles and perform other activities. In the game to reach the level of your generals. Higher-level generals gain access to new skills and strengthen their empires.

5.2: Developing Capabilities

Investing in skill upgrades is a wilful step that will help. you get the most out of your generals. Distribute skill points and tailor your generals’ abilities to your larger game plan. This can have a big impact. On how your cities develop and how battles unfold.

6: Constructing a Fair General Roster

Make sure your roster is diverse to ensure adaptability to different gaming situations. If your generals are experts in attack defense intelligence and politics. you will have a diverse and formidable fighting force. To succeed at Evony and overcome various barriers. A balanced workforce is essential.

7: Answers to Your General Questions About Evony

Q1: How do I recruit Generals in Evony?

Ans: Alliances special in-game events and taverns are all possible. Only attend normal events and check the hotel for new employees.

Q2: Which qualities should I rank when judging generals?

Ans: According to your game plan arrange tasks in order of importance. Politics is important for diplomatic relations intelligence is essential for espionage. And leadership is essential for warfare.

Q3: How can I level up my Generals?

Ans: Take part in events, complete missions, and fight to gain. Experience and upgrade your Evony Generals. Also, invest in skill upgrades to gain access to new skills.


Any player hoping to dominate the game must make effective use of Evony Generals. Gaining an understanding of the roles, traits, and tactics related to generals. Will help you improve your gaming experience and lead your empire.

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  1. What is the highest level in Evony?

    To raise a general from star level 0 to 5, 6,680,100 EXP is required. Note: As of today, the maximum level is 45, if you accumulate EXP at 45, you will not reach 46.

  2. What is the best strategy in Evony?

    While it’s important to keep a balanced troop distribution, we suggest focusing on siege weapons early on since they will allow you to gather more resources from the world map, potentially speeding up your development since you won’t have to wait around until you have enough materials for building and upgrading yours.

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