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Everdell Board Game Review The Complete Collection

In the lovely valley of Everdell Board Game under the fork of tall trees. Among showers and mossy sounds. The culture of jungle people grows and covers.

There are places to build full of life nature to meet and events to sort out. Will the sun shine over your city before the winter moon rises?

Let yourself to excited by the superb world of Alwaysdale. Once you come here, you will never want to leave.

This is the first text to the board game Everdale from Starling Games.

The big question is whether it is true once you get in and play will you ever want to leave?


How to play Everdell Board Game

Everdale is an image-based worker position board game. This means that players send their workers. (Quilled animals, snakes, squirrels, turtles) to different locations.

On the Everdell Board Game perform different actions. You will collect cards in the given city. Play them in front of you to use the skill of those cards. (right now in the future or both).

The goal of Everdale is to earn as many points as possible. By building a rich city before winter begins.

The gameplay is quite simple. Still, the possibilities seem endless.

On a player’s turn, they take only 1 of 3 actions.

  • hire a worker
  • To play a card
  • Get ready for the next season.

After a player has performed their 1 action the play moves to the next player.

Here’s a look at the possible actions in more detail.


Place a Worker

Each player starts the game with 2 workers of their chosen type. (hedgehogs are brown turtles are green squirrels are orange and rats are white). And receive more at the start of each season.

These more workers are inserting. On the upper level of Ever Tree at the start of the game. By the end of the season, players will have six teams to perform.

If a player picks to use one of his staff he has some spaces to choose from on the game board. These include:

  • The main location where players can get money. (branches, resin, stones, and berries).
  • Wild Spaces are small cards. On the game board that gives different skills.
  • Event location (original token or special card). as long as the player meets the demands.
  • Shrine where players can trade 2 cards for 1 way.
  • Travel area where players turn cards to earn points.
  • Fate cards with the open symbol.

Some locations may have only one worker while others may have more than one hand.

Play a Card

A player can play 1 card for this act. To play a card on its line. The player must meet the needs listed on the card (icon in the upper left corner of the card).

Players can play cards from their hand or from the park (the area of ​​the board where the 8 cards are shown).

The cards are soul or create and come in 5 different types. The hole usually needs the player to spend money to access the city.

But some can also played for free if the track-building card is already in the city.

For example, the role of a judge can played for free. Because the court is already in the player’s city.

Each player’s city can have most of 15 cards. Also, players are short to 8 cards in their hands during play.


Prepare for the next Season

If a player has used all his workers and cannot. (or does not want to) play a card he must get ready for the next roll.

To do this Everdell Board Game players meet all their workers at their locations and then receive. The prize is rolled in the Evertree for the next season.

  • In hop, players get 1 new worker and start—all green-making cards in their city.
  • In Summer, players get 1 new worker and can pull out up to 2 Grassland cards.
  • Players get their last 2 workers in the drop and start all green-making cards in their city.

as well players will not have to get ready for the next season at the same time.


Solo Play

Everdell Board Game players can also play in solo mode. The player meets an old mouse named Ragwort and his group of naughty angry rats.

Solo mode has 3 strain levels called Years. (according to the season’s theme).

Ragwort workers end off at a few different locations each season. When a player plays a card.

Ragwort must also play a card. The player throws an 8-sided die and the result is the card played by Ragwort Meadow.

After getting ready for the next season Ragwort. Also produces for the next season. If a Ragwort card meets the need of an event.

The Ragwort got the interest of that event. The new Ragwort Worker has also been set on the Meadow card.  Players will no longer be able to play it for the rest of the game.

To score at the end of the game Ragwort gets 2 points for each card in his city and 3 points for each basic event.

3 points for each special event not reached by the player 3 points for his move and Points given for any number. Of token. From the player.

Then whoever has the most points wins the player or the ragwort.

Can The Whole Family Enjoy the Everdell Board Game?

The first thing everyone news about Everdell is the huge tree.

The Ever Tree is great at drawing players into the world of Everdell. Yet it is the gameplay that keeps them coming back.

(Okay, the great artwork on all the cards and cute animal. meeples play a part in that too.)

The published accept age for Everdale is 13+ and we can see why.

Sure there are many copies of different critical hits and builds. But a player still has a change of cards. To choose from in hand and on the field.

Once a player has selected different maps to play on in his city. He must buy it this way. And that opens up many more options, from housing. your worker to get the money you need.

As well players must adjust their plans as rivals block the field and take field cards they have their eye on.

while it is great that it is now the player’s turn and only one action. Need to advance the game. It may take some time for players to decide what to do next.

Everdale is a board game that rewards repeated play.

The large number of cards and possible chain union must be over again. Because the game needs insight into the cards and their skill.

Once players become more easy with the cards in the mix. They will be able to plan their choice better. And this will make them enjoy the game even more.

Repeated play will also help players avoid Ever Tree’s being there at the table.

Wait is not a tree ever thought to be the highlight of a game?

Well, it could be great from an eye and a thematic view. But from a practical point of view, this presents a catch.


Because players cannot sit behind a tree to play.

Players must stand in front of the tree to see the cards on the grass field and place their staff.

And since players can play up to 15 cards in their city. a 4-player game takes up a lot of table space in front of the tree and board.

And when players are too far away. They often have to get closer and crouch to see the cards’ skill on the grass and make their choice.

But, once players become easy with the types of cards. And their related talent they will be less likely to look. At the spots on the board and the cards.

So if you love playing worker location games. Make your card tables with matches and nice them with amazing artwork.

Everdale is for sure a game. you will want to enjoy anytime.

Perfectly Balanced (As All Things Should Be)

Although it may appear as if one player is running away from the others in truth. Everdale games are often close with less than 10 points difference between players.

The Everdell Board Game is easy to play. But hard to get out and that’s the great quality of the game. It also helps in mastering the learning curve.

Because despite the sadness of the first game. it is easy to play again when you lose a bit.

You tell yourself that once you master what is at the post and what waits for you. you can overcome the catch and win.

Do we ever want to leave the Everdell Board Game?

We love games that take us to a new world while playing. And Everdale delivers.

We enjoy sending our mice, squirrels, turtles, and elephants. To collect funds and help build our forest cities.

And we love the art and tactile pleasure of twigs, stones, resin gems, and gummies. They are so good at using plans. That they will take us deep into the jungle realm.
Even though the first few games may take a long time, the replayability is worth it.

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  1. Why do people like Everdell?

    Everdell is a thematic marvel that delivers excellent component quality, beautiful artwork, and engaging and interesting design. It eases you into its world and offers tons to explore and discover so you’ll be drawn back time and time again.

  2. What style of game is Everdell?

    Everdell is a board game that combines worker placement with tableau building. New territories need to be settled, and new cities established.

  3. Is Everdell easy to play?

    I would call Everdell “satisfyingly complex”, but it’s not difficult for experienced gamers/strategic thinkers to grasp its basic mechanics.

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