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Cheat in Township Tips for Android & PC | TopGamesReview

Cheat in Township is a city-building game developed by Playrix and released in 2011. The game has a 4.7-star rating. Also 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It is also ranked in the top 20 games on the App Store.

This game was first time launched on Google and then adapted for Facebook. This game has received many updates over the years and 250 million downloads worldwide. So that is one of the most successful and profitable applications ever.

Township Game Premise

Township puts the player in charge of their town and farm. Build your town to start small growing crops to sell. You can fill the city with all types of restaurants and along the way, you can start caring for livestock, process crops, and even create your zoo. There is always a way to explore something new.

Township Main Characters

The township features a large cast of colorful characters. Each one offers advice and remarks about players’ progress.

Ernie: Ernie is the player and also a friend. He is the owner of the tools exchange and hosts major competitors for players.

Susie: Susie is the best friend of Eugene. Also, host the Bubble Gum festival and task the players with building Toy and Pet stores.

Eugene: Eugene is best friends with Susie and hosts one of the Bubble Gum festivals.

Cheryl: Cheryl is a Business lady who will offer players financial advice. She has the player build a city market.

Township Titles in the series

PlayriX has not made a sequel to Township but offers games for players to enjoy. These games can range from puzzles.

  • Gardens Capes (2016)
  • Wilds Capes (2019)
  • Farms Capes (2021)
  • Mystery Matters (2023)
  • Family Capes (2023)

Township Cheat Codes

In this game, Township Cheats does not have any official codes. Any website Claiming to have Cheat in Township codes for the game is likely fake and puts your device at risk. Due to the many features of playing with Google and Facebook friends, it would be unfair to have cheat codes.

Automated Bot Programs:

In the township, robots have spread. They allow players to automate hard tasks without humans. The robots can manage a city. They can also harvest crops and follow orders. Although effective, its use distorts the intended gameplay experience and creates unbalanced gameplay.

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Cheat in Township FAQs:

How to get Township cash-free?

There is no way of getting free cash in the township. Players can use promo codes to earn daily rewards, but no cheat in township codes can give free cash.

What is a promo code for the township?

 Here are 3 promo codes you can try on Android.

Free Gift (2023), Free Bonus (2023), Spring (2023). Remember that if they don’t work for you, then you can try the next day.

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  1. How do you get good at Township?

    In Township, managing resources effectively is key to maintaining a thriving town. One crucial resource is coins, which are earned through completing orders, selling goods, and collecting rent from your town’s residents. Coins are essential for purchasing new buildings, upgrading existing ones, and expanding your land.

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